Surviving the Holidays and awkward conversations with your family

We know what it’s like to visit family for the holidays, unnerving and stressful. You know you’re about to walk into a house to sit at a dinner table with the people that seen you in pampers and begin what feels like an FBI interrogation.


You don’t have to guess who’s coming to dinner, you know this cast of characters very well. The uncle who embarrasses you every chance he gets. The same guy that you catch hiding beer cans in the Christmas tree every year so grandma doesn’t see him. The sister that is married, has better clothing and a successful career, or the brother that always tells you to “do better.” What about the aunt who is always in your business looking at you like she just took a bite of a lemon when she asks if you’re dating anyone. Don’t forget about the black-sheep cousin in the family sitting in the corner that everyone forgets to check on and your loving grandfather that is so anti-whatever you passionately believe in.


Whether you’re coming home after a traumatizing Presidential election season and everyone seems to be in favor of the other candidate. Whatever makes the holidays hard for you, here are a list of questions and answers you can use to your benefit this year.


Are you dating anyone?

What you want to say: None of your dang business!

What you should say: Not at the moment. I’m really focused on bettering myself and figuring out what I want in life.


How are your grades?

What you want to say: I’ve skipped so many classes. I guess I’ll know at the end of the semester when grades are emailed.

What you should say: They’re good, all passing. One of my classes is extremely difficult but I’m doing pretty well in it.


How long have you been in college, isn’t it time you graduate?

What you want to say: Yeah, maybe if you helped pay tuition I wouldn’t have had to take a semester or two off to work.

What you should say: Yeah, I will be graduating soon. The time I took off was so that I could save more money so that I could focus on my grades.


Remember that one time….. (really embarrassing story)?

What you want to say: *Flip table* SHUT UP! *Hulk Slam*

What you should say: *slight giggle* – Yes, I remember but let’s not ponder on the past.


Have you found a real job yet?

What you want to say: Compared to what you do for a living, YES! I have a real job.

What you should say:  I’m currently working on branding myself, I don’t want to jump into anything right now. I am gaining all the experience I can.


What happened to your last boyfriend/girlfriend they were so sweet?

What you want to say: They cheated on me, caught an STD and got hit by a car.

What you should say: It just didn’t work out and to be honest, we haven’t talked in a while. I presume they’re okay though.


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