Ellesse (Ell) Rodriguez

You can call me Ell, – I’m a freelance writer with a niche for undiscovered art and ideas.

I graduated from Wright State University in 2018 with a BA of Arts in Communication – Journalism. While in college, I interned with some of the regions best performing media outlets including; Cox Media Group and Mainline Broadcasting. I have the ability to produce a news-like representative platform including digital news writing, remote marketing and news producing.

I do news but not in the most traditional way. My prayer is that we make positive influences on the world by entertaining, educating, and empowering those around us.


Develop Independent Institutions & Individuals

Our fresh experience in news, media, music, fashion, tech, entertainment and related creative industries allow us to successfully establish and manage your public image.


PRESSD loves developing lasting cross-industry relationships that support our mission and our clients. Graciously, we’ve accepted opportunities to work with them on everything from events, press runs and campaigns to brand partnerships and more.

Branding, Marketing, and Press

We represent some of the biggest names in non-mainstream entertainment and connect them to larger audiences through media outlets around the world. Building marketing campaigns and distributing press releases to solidify maximum exposure.


Let’s Work Together!

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