PRESSD By Elle: Interview Series

We’re giving you the chance to learn more about your favorite creatives and entrepreneurs before they really blow up!

He’s on the verge of going viral, the only Country Trap Rap artist we’ve ever met- and we meet a lot of artists!! Get to know this rapper in a cowboy hat!

Rebelling against the norm is per the usual for this Akron rapper. His energy is bouncy and his flow is off the charts. Get to know this guy now, he’s going places!

As a leader in the Midwest’s rap scene, Shootem Up talks about what life was like growing up in Ohio and how it has shaped him to be the artist he is becoming today!

Q.U.E. Benji went behind the music and talked about his upbringing, and how it’s impacted him as a father today. Good dad’s and great independent artists need more recognition, especially in Ohio. New album releasing 7/19/21!

Larry Smith from Cincinnati talks about investing in his image, his distribution deal with Authentic Empire, getting shot on his dad’s birthday, and the message in his music. Get to know him now!

Roadrunner TB gave the scoop on life these days, being a signed artist, and learning important business strategies to pursue his career. Catch him soon performing near you!

Macc DaChopper goes in on the city of Columbus about what culture is around here versus what it should be.

Finally! A$IA spilled the beans about her upcoming project and talked about how staying true to herself and her own lane in music is what keeps her on top.

MelloMatic starts us off with a freestyle from an earlier project! His story about becoming a rapper today is pretty interesting. Check him out!

Tae Wall shares a traumatizing experience he had with police officers here in Columbus. We got to learn more about his distribution deal with Sony Orchard and his new song “Scholarship” with celebrity rapper, Jadakiss.

SOULUCIEN talks overcoming struggles with depression, suicide, dementia and more in his new album ‘This Makes Me Feel Better.’

TOOF gave us the background story behind his missing tooth, what it was like growing up in foster care, and more.

DJ Collab talks about his upcoming release “Difference” featuring Red Cup Nation and QuanDot. He also went in depth about the importance of investing, pursuing your dreams in Los Angeles, growing up in west Columbus and so much more!

One of our youngest guests, Jusfatou, shares her story of becoming an artist and her fight for freedom in her music despite being unsupported at first.

LOST 740 talks about his transition into music. From small town to the studio booth.

PANGEAUX is traveling across the country, networking and sharing his music. Find out the details here!