Quarantine Checkup

With nearly 22 million people in the U.S. unemployed right now, it’s incredible how busy everyone seems to be! We were curious about what you all had been up to during quarantine, so we asked and found that people are extremely resilient and adjusting to the changing times. From adopting pets, to investing in businesses, and going viral on TikTok- we’re all just rolling with the punches.

Now, we know restaurants and stores are starting to reopen this week- we just want to remind you that finding/keeping a good hygiene regime is key to living a healthy life. Find comfort in staying home as much as possible and always remember the days when we found joy in the little things because every government kept us locked inside. LOL. Here is what some of our followers have been up to!

What have you been up to during quarantine?

“My boyfriend and I adopted a new kitten during this quarantine! We already have one Bengal cat and we were able to adopt his half brother. They’ve been such a handful monitoring their relationship and helping them learn to coexist and become friends, but it’s definitely kept us super busy and exciting!” -Rose

“During quarantine I have still been fortunate enough to keep working- I am the photographer for Dorothy Lane Market. I also have been able to spend more time with my dog, which is always a win in my book. Quarantine has really made me appreciate the little things in life.” -Natalie

“I have been working hard to reorganize and restructure my small business to fit the changing times.  I have rebuilt my website for my business, producing beats, and recording, editing VR content for my YouTube channel.  Thanks to Covid-19 I have to rethink the way my business will make money going forward but I have had plenty of time to do so.” -Robert

“ I have been baking, working out, and simply trying not to go crazy. I think my cooking/baking skills have improved.” -Hannah

“Been grinding the same way I was before the outbreak. Some opportunities aren’t available but I’ve found a way to occupy my time by staying in a consistent work flow. Perfecting the craft has become my focal point lately because when this is over I’ll be even sharper than before!” -Isiah

“COVID19 has altered everybody’s day to day lives in an interesting way. However, staying in the house doesn’t have to equate to boredom or laziness. In addition to working out, I’ve been evaluating how to attack each day with a mentality to get better and create better habits. I’ve found myself with a considerable amount of time to not only dive into my favorite hobbies but also educate myself. My favorite thing to do outside of playing basketball is making music. I love making beats. I’ve also been taking the time to make sure my relationships with my friends and family are strong. When i’m not doing those things, I’m trying to read up on real estate, finance, and investments. Pretty much anything business related. I understand that this is a chance to take advantage of this time and use it to put yourself in a position to be successful. I understand that basketball will not last forever so the key for me is making sure that the money I make during my career isn’t flushed down the drain once my career is over.” -Austin

“ I’ve been working on investing in my brand, doing virtual speaking engagements on mental health care, going on nature walks and spending time with family.” -Priscilla

“I have been working!! every other day only!! that’s good and all but money isn’t coming in from unemployment. On the upside I have been budgeting much more now because the stimulus check did help a lot! Now that shopping malls are closed I don’t spend my money on clothes I now invest in fixing my house!!  Social distancing wasn’t too hard for me to do since I’m a homebody anyways!!” -Cristina

“ I’ve just been focused on setting up my company for success. We’ve been building out the second studio at USIC, and staying as productive as possible.” -Von

“I used to eat chicken wings (extra crispy) at least once a week after work at a restaurant with my brother. Now I eat chicken wings in a company work van of a Buffalo Wild Wings parking lot. Obviously life has changed for everyone my daily gym sessions are no longer but other than that life is relatively similar. Fortunately for me my line of work (electrician) is deemed essential so I continue to wire America every day.” -Jose

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