It’s been an entire year since I’ve written anything.
I had a whole ass baby & ain’t shit changed.

My last post I wrote was called
Be Careful Your Privilege is Showing
I wrote it around the time Disney announced that Halle Bailey (a black girl), was going to play the part of Ariel. Grown adults were losing their shit. Disney created 49 films from 1937-2009 before delivering their first Black Princess Tiana. Black girls watched for 70 years NEVER seeing themselves. #NotMyAriel was actually trending…
& now a year later, here we are.

Racism isn’t a touchy subject unless of course, you’re racist.

We all know racism exists. So why aren’t we doing more about it? Why are we just letting it “exist”. This isn’t a political issue – this is a human rights issue.  I’m tired of trying to explain to people that you should care about other people. I’m tired of being told ‘All lives matter’ when I say ‘Black lives matter.’

When I hear someone say ‘blue lives matter’, (even though people aren’t blue), it never even crosses my mind to say “all lives matter.” So I ask, how come when I say “Black lives matter” people can’t just be like, I get it. Why are they shouting back “ALL LIVES MATTER?” It’s honestly so confusing to me. Literally. NO ONE is saying their life doesn’t matter, so… is it the “black” part they don’t like?”Of course Black lives matter, ALL lives matter.”

Let me break it down in a different way:
There are literally, so many people who, do not. think. black. people. are. equal. to. them. They simply, don’t like black people because of the blackness of their skin.

People are literally screaming “White Power” to this day. The KKK is still walking among us, just without the white hoods. Black men & women are still being lynched. 
Literally being hung from trees in 2020.

“What about the black people who don’t like white people? They are racist too.”
“What about all the white people that are killed by the police?”
“But what about black on black crime, why don’t we talk about that?”
“Well if they listened maybe they wouldn’t have died..”

“Well he had a criminal record…”
“But what about my life? I matter too..” 

For a lot of us, this is the first time ever talking about racism. It took longer than I would like, but how could you speak about something you’ve never personally experienced or know much about? I’m happy to see people speak up, don’t get me wrong. 

However, I think some people have it confused. Black Lives Matter isn’t a trend.  It isn’t a moment, it’s a movement. This didn’t start with the viral killing of George Floyd. We have been fighting this same fight for the past 400 years. Our society was built on racism. People have been fighting & will continue to fight until we are all equal.

Have you heard of the Black Panthers?- no not the Disney Movie. What about Malcolm X? Medgar Evers? I know you’ve all heard of Martin Luther King because people loveeeeee throwing his quotes at angry black people thinking [they’re] proving a point. A 1967 poll reflected that he was actually one of the MOST HATED men in America. Dr. King peacefully protested & guess what, they STILL killed him.

He said “A riot is the language of the unheard.” Now, that’s a quote worth sharing in times like these.

All of these essential leaders of the black community – Were murdered.
They wanted to change the world & people didn’t like that.
You know why this movement is so powerful? Because it’s EVERYWHERE. No one can stop us, & that drives them crazy. 
All we are literally saying is that 
Black Lives Matter.
M A T T E R 
Just matter, the bare minimum. Just simply, matter.

“To those accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”


If you want to be an ally, ask yourself: “Do my actions match up with my words?”
“When I experience racism, do I call it out?”
You can’t just “not be racist” you have to be actively anti-racist. Racism will continue unless we face it head on, so call it out.
If you allow your friends & family to make offensive comments around you, & you just sit there & allow it- you are telling them, ‘what you are saying is okay’ & it’s not.
Don’t let people tell you you’re being “sensitive” just because we are no longer letting them get away with racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, xenophobia, etc.
You might lose some friends by expressing that black lives matter, but those are not even friendships worth keeping. I know no one likes an awkward conversation, I’ve been there — but it’s time to have awkward conversations. Why? Because tolerating racism IS racism.

I understand some of you might be scared of saying the wrong thing.
I am here to tell the white people + non-black people of color, the black community would rather you show up imperfectly than not show up at all.

Be an ally in real life, not a performative one on social media.

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Listen, obviously there are some exceptions, but I’m really not here for this “cancel culture”. We shouldn’t want to cancel each other, we should want to help each other. Let’s educate one another. I truly believe that the ignorant are ignorant of their ignorance. However, in the age of information, ignorance is a choice.

Some people really just don’t get it. But if you’re willing to educate yourself (& not turn to black people to answer your questions, do some if not all research yourself) I respect you, I fuck with you, I believe in you & I’m proud of you.

You’ve made mistakes in the past? No problem, it’s all about what you are doing RIGHT NOW.
Let’s move forward & do better. You have to admit to ignorance in order to grow & admit to privilege in order to support. If you believe in equality, make sure you are voting in ways that reflect that.
We can disagree & still love each other, unless your disagreement is rooted in my oppression & denial of my humanity and right to exist.”

So. . . . .You wanna say “nigga“, huh?

 You want me to…. as you say,“give you the ‘n-card.'”
Black people just love to pull out that “Black Card” when times get rough huh?
… just stop.

Ohhh okay – You have a pass? Your man doesn’t mind when you say it? Black people can say it so why can’t you…. I mean this in the kindest way possible, fuck off.
IT’S 2020 WHY AM I STILL HAVING TO EXPLAIN TO WHITE PEOPLE THAT NIGGER (I literally want to throw up even typing that out, how the fuck do you feel so comfortable saying it) ISN’T A WORD THAT THEY SHOULD WANT TO USE.

“Well, I don’t say the hard “ER” tho”…..
“It’s in a song why can’t I say it….”
“Then why can they say it?”
“I don’t think anyone should be allowed to say it.”

Got it, well here’s why: This is a word that will forever be associated with a long history of slavery, oppression, & racial discrimination against black people. For CENTURIES, it has been used by your white ancestors while they degraded, whipped, raped & killed my black ancestors. Does that make you uncomfortable? Because it should. 

So why do so many black people say it, you ask? Black people have RECLAIMED the word. They have put the power into their hands. It is meant to acknowledge a shared history & build a sense of camaraderie, which non-black people simply can’t attest to. After understanding the true meaning & history behind the N-word I really hope you never want to use it again.

I understand our school systems teach us nothing about actual Black History. Which is why it is ALL of our DUTY to educate ourselves. What I don’t understand is how people are more upset about a Confederate statue being taken down then innocent lives being taken. Black men & women are being MURDERED, by not only racists, but by the hands of the police. How does that not upset you more than a statue you’ve probably never visited nor actually care about. This isn’t anything new, everything’s just caught on camera now. And, to those who are holding the Confederate Flag so near & dear to your hearts…
You lost.

We literally had a whole ass WAR about this & the bad guys lost. The flag shouldn’t have been flown in the first place, but now: your sports are taking the confederate flag down, your military is taking the confederate flag down, & your cities are taking the confederate flag down.
“Well, it’s my heritage. It doesn’t represent slavery to me..”
“It was so long ago, it’s not my fault.”

K. I get what you’re trying to say, BUT you know a lot of people, a whole race of people actually, look at it as a symbol of hate. Why carry such a hateful reminder of (not only that you lost) the horrible past that’s associated with it? It means that much to you to cause someone else so much pain? Interesting.

PLAIN + SIMPLE: it’s a symbol of hate.

Even if you don’t understand or see it as that, you DO understand that people are offended + disrespected by it. So why go out of your way to make someone feel that pain? Because it’s a part of history? Well, Americans’ entire history was based on racism, so let’s try again.

While we’re here, let’s chat about this”Make America Great Again” nonsense. Which part of America’s history was so great that we want to go back to? Slavery? Lynching? Jim Crow? Segregation? I would love to know. Get back to me, k?

Hate doesn’t make America great.

You may think what you’re doing & saying is “socially acceptable” but there’s a good chance you’re just being racist. (See pyramid diagram at the bottom to check yourself.)

Listen, I know there’s A LOT going on right now. A lot to be upset & anxious over. There is SO much to digest. Racism is just one of the many fights we are fighting. We are going through a pandemic. Women are still fighting for equal pay + their right to choose what they do with their body. Immigrant children are separated from their families. The LGBTQ+ community is still fighting for their rights. Climate change is real & a lot of people don’t care. Pedophiles are everywhere. The Government is corrupt, and cops aren’t being held accountable for their murders.

The list goes on & on…

 There are so many things going on around us, all you have to do is pick one that speaks to you & help fight for change. Make your time on this beautiful earth meaningful. KEEP FIGHTING. Not only for us, but for the generations to come.  

Our generation + the next give me so much hope. You guys, 4,000,000
17 year olds turn 18 before the November election.

Tell your friends to pull up.
They’ve fucked with the last generation.

“People say they wouldn’t have tolerated lynching & such back then but what we have to realize is we are tolerating that now.”

Below are some tips on how to be actively anti-racist along with a link for places to donate, petitions to sign & more info.

>> Click Me <<

Make sure you’re paying attention to your mental health – love you.



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