From Bad Girl to Business Woman. Celebrity Actress Rocky talks about growth and the launch of her new company SacredSKN.

SacredSKN is a new skincare line created by celebrity actress and model, Raquel “Rocky” Santiago. After she climbed- and clawed her way to fame on season 10 of Oxygen’s reality TV show, The Bad Girls Club, Rocky developed a genuine appreciation for skincare and life with her little girl, ensuring that positivity is branded on each label.

All month we’ve been raising awareness for women across the world that have made changes, and while Rocky is pouring into hundreds of thousands of people everyday, we got a chance to sit with her and talk about starting her own business, living in what she recalls “a pretty prison” and her personal growth into motherhood.

“We’re sacred, you know? Like our souls are, and I wanted to bring up skincare with something positive behind it. I have a “Manifest Your Dreams” lavender mask, and a face wash called “I Am.” I really want people to learn how to love themselves.” CEO of SacredSKN, Raquel Santiago.

We recognize Rocky for her relentless ability to grow through phases of life with a positive perspective about the future. Self-love is hard work. It takes doing things we wouldn’t normally like saying “no” more often, and feeding your body with good foods, and mind with good messages.

“I had acne for years and I let it define me. It wasn’t just a breakout either it was like, everywhere. I was on TV and people knew me so I got really antisocial, very disconnected, it was bad and didn’t understand why this was happening. So I remember how I felt and I just wish I hadn’t because it really didn’t matter, you are not your skin,” she expressed.

Behind The Scenes

Santiago currently sits on the board for The Heart of Job, a nonprofit for youth in music founded in Columbus, Ohio. Growth and spreading good energy is all she cares about these days but admits she’s had to turn down Zeus Network few times about reappearing for the show.

The show casts girls from different backgrounds living together in a big mansion and as you can imagine it’s packed full of SO MUCH DRAMA. She described filming The Bad Girls Club like living in a “pretty prison,” where the girls had zero access to the outside world for months.

“It was a beautiful home, but I call it a pretty prison. They force you to communicate verbally, you couldn’t write notes, there’s no phones, no TVs, you can’t sing, and you can’t go anywhere. So what do you think is going to happen? That’s why it’s so intense- think about it… 24 hours a day cameras are rolling, you can’t talk without your mic or you’ll get fined, so it might look fake but it’s all real,” she recalled.

Rocky quickly became a fan favorite never backing down, holding her own and telling the truth. But there were so many instances she says are hard to watch now. Life since the Bad Girls Club has changed drastically, but she let us in on what was going on in her head back then.

I was such an alcoholic when I was 21, I had so many things that I was missing, I just let go of my life, like I didn’t care anymore. One day on Facebook I saw a casting for the show and my mom took me to the tryouts. I turned lesbian on TV and my ex came over that same night- I did so many things I just wish I wouldn’t have. But NOBODY said anything negative about it. I had no guidance in my life at all. I made all these decisions on my own.”

There is so much power in your choices. Rocky says that though the show was wild and portrayed her at a young age wilding out, she isn’t reluctant to showing her daughter anything. And while some may think she should keep it all a secret, Rocky says her daughter gets so excited when she sees her mommy on TV.

“I had no guidance in my life, and she does. I think the way that I raise [my daughter] and help her understand her mind is what’s important. These decisions were literally based off of me raising myself and finding comfort in things and in other people. One thing about me is that I’ve always been a positive person no matter how dark my life got. I’ve always, ALWAYS been good to people.” -Rocky

Rocky embraces the fact that her life has consisted of really high highs and super low lows and says that coming to believe in God has made things so much easier. She’s always been a person to push forward and forgive others, including her father but wanted to leave us with some advice and encouragement.

“Sometimes it’s necessary- you can be positive, and you can let things go, and God wants us to love others but you can absolutely do that from a distance. Don’t let men especially, treat you wrong over and over again. I just feel like us women really need to use our power. Why are we on our hands and knees for another man? This is the first time I’ve been really happy- I’m working out now and I’ve never worked out in my life. I’m putting in the work, working my ass off everyday for me! -Rocky

Be On The Lookout

Rocky will star in a new show on A&E coming soon called Garaged.

“I want to build and grow, and make people’s lives better,” she ended.

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