SOULUCIEN Relieves His Darkest and Happiest Moments in New Album ‘This Makes Me Feel Better’

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SOULUCIEN officially debuts his long-awaited freshman album ‘This Makes Me Feel Better’ capturing the worst and happiest of times on Feb. 19. His first album captures some of the most vulnerable states of mind when times were really- really tough and balances the lows with the highs to tunes that make your head bop.

With 14 tracks that take us through waves of emotions SOULUCIEN says, “I don’t really think it’s about anything. I think it’s just a compilation of how I felt during one of the most difficult times ever.” ‘This Makes Me Feel Better’ features a few incredible artists including the most notable, Iyn Jay.

Listen to ‘This Makes Me Feel Better’ Here <<


SOULUCIEN’s music career began at age 13 in Dayton, OH and became known for the most hype performances while attending Wright State University. Gem City Collective was the name that was called and fans’ excitement fueled their energy on stage. ‘This Makes Me Feel Better’ is the album anticipated by SOULUCIEN’s core supporters/ team of Lutients.

“I just feel like my first-ever album needed to reflect how I’ve always made my music- me in my room, or wherever I’m at. I’ve waited so long but now it’s just time to put it out to my people, for me. If it blows or if it flops- whatever! But it’s my first album and it came straight out the backpack. I can stand on that.” -SOULUCIEN

College, music, and life paused for the artist when his mom was officially diagnosed with dementia. Responsibilities, a forgetful mother, and a lack of resources threw SOUL into a depression so deep he says, “I remember there was nothing that told me to stop. Picking up that .22 and putting it to my head was as natural as breathing. I thought of what my mom would go through and that really saved me. After a while, I saw a post looking for engineers in the city.”

Listen to ‘This Makes Me Feel Better’ Here <<

“At a certain point I realized that I could be with or without something, and I’m ok with either. People should definitely take their mental health more seriously. I had the most common misconceptions about it. I always felt like I needed to be the “strong friend” so I didn’t talk to anyone about what I was feeling. Society needs to understand that you can be a man and feel some deep sh*t too. But, I don’t want people to listen to ‘This Makes Me Feel Better’ and think I’m trying to glorify [having mental breakdowns] but this is what I had to do to cope with it.” -SOULUCIEN

‘This Makes Me Feel Better’ introduces SOULUCIEN into Hip Hop and R&B with an ability to interchange and incorporate multiple sounds including alternative and emo mixes. As an engineer and musician under USIC Brands, he’s made home of the music industry and is growing in his talent.

The album is mixed with vibes and interludes like “Peach St. Blues” that transitions the album’s roaring bass and up-tempo beats like “Sauce It” to slow guitar strums and mellow singing like “Too Long, Vacant.” SOULUCIEN’s idea for the back cover art informs the listener what each song is about.

‘This Makes Me Feel Better’ transgresses between anger and happiness. With sounds like “Blend” and our personal favorite “Normal” featuring Iyn Jay, the album is balanced between the hype and the turn-down.

SOULUCIEN debuts the release of his first album on Feb. 19, 2021 and will be looking forward to talking LIVE about it. In this, SOUL encourages everyone to talk to someone and admits it’s time for him to take his own mental health more seriously and is looking into therapy options.

“I’m not sure if I wanted to take my life. You know- I wanted to scare myself out of actually doing it. You probably wouldn’t have been able to tell I was going through anything until you listened to my songs. I hate when people fake depression like it’s an aesthetic and it’s cool to be sad, that’s cringy. But for the ones trying to be strong, you can tell yourself “I’m ok” for a while and show yourself that tough love but I feel like conversation helps in doing things that make you happy. My girl at the time, fell out of love with me and substituted my love with sh*t that wasn’t good for her. You gotta love yourself enough not to follow bad habits.”

Listen to ‘This Makes Me Feel Better’ Here <<

Photo credit: Jacob Manken

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