Von Graves Gives Rare Cinematic Experience In New Album #HIEP

Von Graves‘ new album, Heaven In Earthly Places leans into a new era for rap music and is available now on all streaming platforms. Graves’ passion for storytelling and creating a cinematic experience through music bleeds through every bar- and there’s a twist.

His long-awaited project unveils the ‘good’ and ‘bad’ of our journeys through life, given the choices we make.

Graves briefed on The Awakened Soul Podcast, “The beginning of my album is ‘good’, then ‘bad’, then ‘good’ again because nobody is all ‘good’ and nobody is all ‘bad’.”

Creatively, Von Graves starts and ends the album in heavenly places and leaves the nitty-gritty for the middle allowing you to be able to play the album 1-10 or 10-1 and still end up in the same place.

>> Listen to HEAVEN IN EARTHLY PLACES on Apple Music right here <<

“That’s life. I think everyone has a time when they’re on the right path and they lose it. It’s important to understand that it’s not over either- [Life is] not black and white.”


Listen to HEAVEN IN EARTHLY PLACES on Spotify here.

The album captures the story of a man fallen from heaven where he’s washed on the shore of a strange land and befriended by a peculiar yet charismatic jungle-man who claims to be Eve. This Eve character becomes the fallen-man’s guide through the jungle and encourages a life of sex, violence, and reckless indulgence. Eventually, the man from heaven dies.

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Von wakes up to the calming tone of a woman who appears to be the real Eve. She reminds him that everything he needs has already been provided for on Earth, he just needs to stop, “making it so complicated.” She offers him something to eat that brings revelation from God Himself. This new understanding helps the man find himself back to his original heavenly state, though still stuck in Earthly Places.

Graves spoke to English students at Westerville Central High School on Thursday and said, “The album, figuratively, is about a man that falls from heaven and loses his way in this jungle. In reality, it’s about me living in L.A. Living there was like a jungle for me. Man, it ripped me from everything I was used to and I fought temptations every day.”

Heaven In Earthly Places features Nasty V, @ethanSings and many other dope independent artists. The album is executive produced by 5thElament and mixed/mastered by @itfeelslikethefuture, @ikedonthurtem, and @isykyy.

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