Top 5 Climax Releases This Week

New music and podcasts surged every streaming platform giving us Valentine’s day vibes this week. The climax of my week was introducing you to the newest sounds and episodes from your favorite independent creatives.

I know skipping to the next best song or episode on your playlist can get annoying with the overflow of new content. So relax, I’ve got your back. Here’s the rundown on what you may have missed.

Top 5 New Releases This Week

Needing something to hype you up before a night out?

Papi K released his new EP, Winning Streak, on Valentine’s day. A collaborative effort from USIC‘s team of producers, engineers and rappers including; Quan Dot, Von Graves, Jay Mills, DJ Lee and more.

cover art photo: @bphanz

Elijah Banks dropped one of his most iconic songs, “4 AM”. The song contains hoots and hollers that are surprisingly sexy and soulful.

Chillin’ inside with bae is my kind of weekend- if we’re not traveling. This song fits the vibe perfectly!

Music Video of the week

Set in the parking lot of one of Columbus, Ohio’s notorious food truck locations, Papi K and his crew filmed the video for the only single on the new Winning Streak EP, “WINK“.

“WINK” Papi K’s only single from Winning Streak
video: @will_fairbanks


  • Von Graves talks about his new album, Heaven In Earthly Places releasing Feb. 17, and Columbus, Ohio’s music culture on The Awakened Soul Podcast with the host, Haize.

Stream The Awakened Soul Podcast here

  • Elijah Banks talks new song4 AM“, upcoming shows and so much more on The Awakened Soul Podcast with Haize.

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