Jay Mills Drops New “NORTH SIDE” Music Video (watch)

Jay Mills released a new music video on YouTube for his most recent single “North Side” representing his hometown, Columbus, Ohio.


Jay Mills is an emerging multi-talented music mogul grounding himself as a recording artist in Hip Hop and R&B. With the ability to produce and engineer his own sounds, Mills is rooting himself with a niche for creating songs to turn up to. With the release of this new video and his most recent effort, “Mulan”, Mills is grounding himself in a wave of amped music and catchy hooks.

The song embraces the north side of Ohio’s capital with a little grit and bop from our upcoming music industry icon.

In an interview about the music, Mills talks about the song and some of his favorite businesses on the north side of Columbus. “I love beats that you can turn up to, without complex lyrics. When I did this song, I was thinking about how much I loved growing up on my side of the city. We have some of the best restaurants and things to do. You gotta go to Sharks– they have the best chicken, it’s kind of like the east side’s M&M’s. After that you gotta try Clown Cones for the best ice cream. Easton Mall– everyone knows Easton Mall and it’s on the north side.”

The video, shot by @jffilms, was filmed in Columbus, Ohio at the USIC Brands studio where Jay spends most of his time creating music for his upcoming project. COMING SOON!

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