Drop the Laces, Largest Sneaker Closet in the World

“It’s made by Sneakerheads, for Sneakerheads” – Courtney Ivy, CFO. 

With custom-built features to ease shopping for your perfect shoe, Drop the Laces is a new application made for iOS and Android users that drops this winter.

Courtney Ivy, 28, CFO says, “Drop The Laces will connect consumers to boutique shoe stores around the globe. We’re not searching for Footlocker or Finishline chains, we want to work with people that own their own stores and give them a platform to market on.”

Courtney Ivy, CFO Drop The laces

Artificial intelligence will help to navigate customers around the globe for the closest shoe store with their desired style in stock. Drop The Laces also has plans to extend the app with convenience features such as delivery– literally dropping laces off to your doorstep.

“We have to build that part still, but to be a driver they will have to apply and go through a background check just like Uber, to deliver sneakers,” Ivy said.

Edward Griffith, CEO Drop The Laces

Ivy, along with CEO, Edward Griffith have designed an inventory system for their partners to be able to keep the app up to date. The app will inevitably increase sales traffic both online and in store, and will assist with client development. Ensuring people enjoy their shopping experience and return.

With stores ready to test the app, the guys are actively seeking more boutiques that would be open to the idea of innovating their sales tactics. The more stores, the larger the sneaker closet becomes.

Both men are graduates of The University of Toledo, maintaining high-level positions while also working dilligently to bring their idea to life.

“I want to motivate others not to quit. My passion is to inspire others to achieve their goals. We want people to be able to create their own revenue streams through fashion, design, technology and marketing,” Ivy said.

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