PRESSD Spotlight of the Week: Xav Darko

If the word “consistency” were personified, Xav Darko would be the human embodiment. As a model of persistence, the Columbus artist has found an aesthetic that matches perfectly with the vibe of his songs after years of developing his own sound and style. 

Xav started creating music in the 8th grade, a time that he says he felt that he had to prove himself to people around him. Being a young kid, often the “Highs & Lows” artist felt like the odd one out, and music acted as a safe haven for him to release his thoughts and feelings in a way that he enjoyed. 

On the track “Get Outside”, Xav shines, seamlessly blends melody with lyricism in an effort to set himself apart from other artists. Xav battles with the inner conflict of wanting to nail down his trademark sound, but also wanting to stay versatile, a characteristic that helps produces a vibe completely unique to him. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Kanye, Eminem, and Andre 3000, it’s no surprise that Xav is a genre-bending character in the game. 

As someone who has an undying passion for his craft, keep a lookout for Xav Darko as he further distances himself from the crowd.

Origin: Columbus, Ohio
Featured Track: “Get Outside”
Influenced By: Kanye West/Eminem/Andre 3000