PRESSD Spotlight of the Week: Storm Ford

Storm Ford is the perfect change of pace from the hard-hitting 808’s that everyone needs from time to time. Her gentle melodic vocals act as soft blankets for the listener’s ears, carefully coddling and caressing track after track. The mix of old soul and contemporary R&B creates a smooth and silky audio experience—a staple for Storm Ford this far in her career. 

Hailing from Rhode Island, Storm has garnered quite a following over the past few years. During her high school years, Storm began performing at local venues in her area, effectively acting as the origin point for her musical career. Fans who have seen her perform live note how the powerful yet gentle vocals help to create an immersive listening experience that demands all ears. Throughout her senior year of high school, Ford put all of her energy into the creation of her debut tape, “Highest Mountain,” a collection of songs she had been holding onto for years. 

Now, in 2021, Storm has created a solid name and continues to grow through various channels. Recently, The “Notes to Noi” artist has become most famous for the acoustic riffs and acapella song covers scattered all over her Instagram feed. 

At only 20 years old, Storm Ford still has tons of room to grow as an artist, but it will be no surprise to anyone when she is headlining her own NPR Tiny Desk concert sometime in the future.

Origin: Providence, Rhode Island
Featured Track: Notes to Noi”