PRESSD Spotlight of the Week: RoadRunner TB

Life doesn’t always go as planned—a sentiment that everyone can relate to. But for RoadRunner TB, his unexpected occurrence changed his life. Emerging as one of the hottest rap artists from Cincinnati, Ohio, RoadRunner has built a name for himself in an industry he never thought he would be seriously involved with. 

Growing up in Evanston, Ohio, a suburb just outside of Cincinnati, RoadRunner was never initially interested in being an entertainer. The “Bond Money” artist says he never originally enjoyed the craft of rapping and even admitted to skipping school when he was supposed to present to his class. But with some convincing from fellow Cincinnati artist RoadRunner Savy, TB realized that confidence was the missing piece to unlock a whole new life path. 

RoadRunner took off after discovering music was a lane where he could thrive. TB has a distinguishable sound in the booth, showing just how talented this young artist is, having only been in the game a few years. TB’s talent for storytelling, drawing on experiences from his past to help craft thought-provoking bars, paints a detailed photo for the listener. This talent, paired with the ability to create a crowd rocking trap hit, is what makes the southern Ohio artist standout. The tracks “Buddy’s Story” and “Chicken Talk” display just how dynamic this artist can be, providing hits for every type of crowd.  

With his latest album, “Dark Clouds,” receiving favorable reviews, RoadRunner TB is obviously on his way toward the apex of his career but shows no indication of satisfaction. 

TB’s story is a case study of how life doesn’t always go as planned, but anyone would be a fool not to take advantage when opportunities arise. 

Stay tuned for more from one of Ohio’s top artists.

Origin: Cincinnati, Ohio
Featured Track: Dark Clouds Intro”