PRESSD Spotlight of the Week: Davi Sol

Fresh off dropping his second full body of work, Alone In A Crowd, Davi Sol is carving out a lane all his own. Originally hailing from Bali, the way the young artist carries himself, one would think he’s been in the game for years. With his unique style and undeniable sense of self, Davi’s identity radiates on every song he releases. 

With his first project, Compass, Davi says that he was unsure of the direction he wanted to go, both in his career and personal life. However, the Bali native is now entirely aware of exactly who he is and what he wants to accomplish. 

Davi draws from his past experiences of being an outsider in an unfamiliar environment on Alone In A Crowd. The tape almost contrasts itself in the best way possible. The content of the lyrics highlights Davi’s feelings of isolation and uncertainty, while the actual audio experience fits seamlessly on any nightclub playlist. Standout tracks like “The Crowd” and “The Plan” exemplify these opposing feelings of thinking one thing and doing another. 

With a whole movement backing him, Davi’s come-up feels like something special. The new wave has a few clear leaders spearheading the cause, and after this project, it is clear that Davi is one of them.

Origin: Denpasar, Bali
Featured Track: “The Crowd”
Sounds Like: The Weeknd