PRESSD Spotlight of the Week: Darrien B

Melodic and Passionate. No two words better describe Darrien B’s sound when he comes bursting onto the track. Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, the young artist seems to be moving in a more soulful direction after originally curating a rhythmic, bar-heavy persona closer to the beginning of his career. 

Listeners can hear this back and forth between melody and bars in real-time on Darrien B’s 2017 mixtape, Rica SZN. Throughout the six-track tape, the Cleveland native shifts between his two personas, trying to find what sticks. On standout tracks like “Famous” and “Introduce Myself,” Darrien sounds the most comfortable and confident, seemingly indicating to the listener that he’s found his niche. 

Now bolder and more confident, Darrien B seems to be on the verge of hitting his musical stride. After releasing his feature track “U R,” Darrien is on the move touring with fellow Clevelander, Freshie, in an effort to attract an entirely new audience to his infectious sound.

Origin: Cleveland, Ohio
Featured Track: “UP”
Comparison: Tory Lanez