PRESSD Spotlight of The Week: Freshie

Freshie is currently in the middle of a fantastic run deep into 2021. The Cleveland artist has been racking up numbers on numbers, with his latest single, “Lost My Mind,” surpassing 100 thousand views on Youtube as well as the single “Double Back” eclipsing 1 million streams on Spotify. 

On top of his streaming successes, Freshie has been on tour across the country, showing out for his real rager fans. With stops that included Pittsburgh, Columbus, and Los Angeles, the artist gave a dynamic performance on every stage he performed. Displaying flair and instinct for crowd control, it’s no surprise all of those who attended are screaming “DIRTY!” after Freshie walks off the stage. 

Sonically, the “Lost My Mind” artist packages spacey synths, intense bass, and grungy, trap vocals to create his crowd rocking hits. With music dating back to 2017, Freshie has undoubtedly grown as an artist but has managed to keep the same intensity in his music from year to year. Tracks like “Off!” and “Please!” show just how easily Freshie can translate energy and ferocity from the playlist to the stage. 

With only a quarter of the year left, Freshie has shown no signs of being satisfied, making fans even more excited for what is to come next.

Origin: Cleveland, Ohio
Featured Track: “Lost My Mind”