A$IA is an independent artist from the Midwest, USA with an unparalleled flow and style. Her 2019 release “IDGAF” set the precedent for performances and A$IA quickly emerged as the best performer in Ohio. A$IA is respected by many as a lyrical rap genius with an undeniable ability to sing and write songs. As Instagram and TikTok pave the way for creatives to engage fans with their talents, A$IA is rising as a media influencer embracing the time to adapt as an artist in the aftermath of COVID19. 

In 2020, A$IA’s relentless fight to stay free in her music has earned her opportunities to open for headlining celebrities like Derez Deshon and John Legend’s protégé Tay Da Prince. She was crowned Columbus, Ohio’s winner of a month-long competition, Crowd Control, where the audience chooses their favorite performer. Her attitude on stage is mighty as she goes bar for bar like Young M.A. but can also acknowledge a time to be vulnerable. 

Early on, A$IA was inspired by iconic music legends of the 90s and early 00s like 2Pac, Lil Wayne, and Lauryn Hill. In much of the same ways, A$IA relates to the hearts of her audience and strives to encourage freedom and awareness of self. She is quick-witted, humble, and goofy and was able to bring together hundreds of community members for a concert during the peak of BLM protests.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

Rager’s Only Fest in Springfield, OH | Aug. 8, 2020