Torrian Ball video “Peace of Mind”

Torrian Ball released the video for his first single, “Peace of Mind”, off of his upcoming album this weekend. Torrian stands within his purpose in this new song making it a priority to positively influence the world through his music and inviting industry-hidden gems to help him tell his story. In an effort to pour love, light, and a willingness to be a vulnerable man, Torrian Ball hopes that men and women will enjoy having deeper conversations together again.

This one’s for the ladies. In this new song Torrian Ball is telling women what real men need in order to take their relationship to the next level. “Women are always asking what a man needs… It’s not about looks, it’s about who respects me, who empowers me, and who gives me peace when I walk through the door,” he says.

“A lot of women don’t understand that it’s not about looks or things that will fade with time, it’s about having peace of mind that a man will truly change and conform his life to be whatever it needs to be with you. I want to make those uncomfortable conversations comfortable to talk about because so many people have different opinions. I just want to make having a conversation between a man and a woman fun again.” -Torrian Ball

Protection, peace and trust are the most important things for a good relationship. In Torrian Ball’s new single, “Peace of Mind,” he says, “Why would I settle for less if I gave you my best? I want somebody that don’t ever want to be my ex. A real Queen that brings me peace when I’m feeling stressed. That’ll get on her hands and knees and show me that I’m blessed- I ain’t talking about sex I want to pray together.” At this moment, dating for Torrian isn’t something he’s genuinely ready for quite yet. Time to work inwardly, therapy to heal and understand, and sleep are the current ingredients to his “ready for relationship” cocktail.

The song continues with an amazing, soft melody sang by Todd Zack Jr. of Akron, OH. For Torrian, choosing the right creators for this project was imperative. He built strong relationships with some of the most inspiring talents. “Peace of Mind” is produced by Los Angeles-based producer, Native, known for his work with some of the best emerging artists from the area including Phora.

Torrian explains, “Rap and our culture are oversexualized, and I just wanted to bring some logic back to the game and let women know to be patient, stop looking for material, because the man you need and the man you want are two different people.”

The upcoming album titled ‘Philophobia’ is a visual project that reflects on Torrian’s past relationships and traumas and dives deeper into his fear of falling and being in love- a topic we all can relate to. ‘Philophobia’ is set to release this fall and the “Broken Heart” rapper is scheduled to perform around the country soon.

Listen to “Peace of Mind” and keep up with Torrian Ball right here <<

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