This Only Happens In Ohio and OVRSTND Clothing embarked on a new journey together at the beginning of the year that would make them one of the very few filmmakers to release a movie based on true events in Columbus, Ohio. The movie was premiered at Marcus Crosswoods Cinema north of the city, and to no surprise the tickets sold out in less than 48 hours.

Zero Degrees tells the story many young, black men relate to growing up in inner city neighborhoods. From being the greatest on the basketball court to finding himself serving a long sentence for being in the right place at the wrong time, Antoine Morgan faces all adversity in the movie but saying no to drugs and trying to keep a humble mind doesn’t cut it where he’s from.

Director and founder of OVRSTND Clothing, Troy Cherry explained, “We’ve all been there. Sometimes, emotion and circumstances come together and we get ourselves into some bad situations. This is a story about trying to overcome that. [In the movie] he didn’t have money for a lawyer and he had to go with a public defender and it resulted in him going to prison.”

Executive Producer and founder of TOHIO, Wattz added, “This can happen to anybody living in that environment. You’re just subject to what’s going on and your whole life could change.”

Zero Degrees is available to stream from your homescreen right now.

Watch the cast and crew of ‘Zero Degrees’ talk about their experience fitting into their roles for the movie.
Cast and Crew of the Zero Degrees film talk about their roles and the movie!

PRESSD Reporter Jason Meggyesy gave us his review after watching the movie and said, “I thought Zero Degrees was really well executed. All of the major roles fully embodied their characters. It was cool to see everyone come out and support each other, and I hope this is just the beginning of something monumental in Columbus.”

Watch the movie now at

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