Lucien Wright III: Artist, Human, Producer. His New EP ‘Everything Ends’ Welcomes Growth and Change.


>> Listen to ‘Everthing Ends’ on all platforms <<

Lucien Wright III is undergoing an evolution in his young career. Formally operating under the name Soulucien, the self-described artist/producer/human (and guitarist, sometimes) is shedding old ideas about himself to take control of the narrative and move his career in a new direction. With the release of his new three-song EP, Everything Ends, it is evident that Lucien is experimenting with how far he can take his sound. 

The tape starts with the Playboi Carti-Esque “Fawg” followed by the slowed, melodic vibe produced on “My Ways.” The ear-shattering, moshpit-inducing track “Slumper” puts an emphatic period on the short yet direct project with its blown-out bass and rage-infused lyrics—three different flavors for three different tracks.

Everything Ends displays Lucien’s versatility as an artist and leaves the door wide open for experimentation on any future project, almost completely shutting down any idea that this artist could ever be one-dimensional. 

When asked for the motivation behind the EP, Lucien says he hopes that he can just be himself now. Leaving any old notions in the past, the young artist is transitioning into a stage of his career that highlights the work, sound, and feel he wants to generate from his true authentic self. 

While only three tracks long, Everything Ends gives us just enough to introduce us to who Lucien Wright III could be while still leaving us wondering where and how he will move next. 

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