HONEY P Exposes Her Feelings in Sophomore Album Debut ‘Glass Heart’

For a woman resilient, independent and self-assured, Honey P debuts her sophomore album ‘Glass Heart’ which showcases a side of herself that is deeply emotional and in tune with all that she has to offer as an an artist.


>> Listen to GLASS HEART here <<

Dropping at the top of October, ‘Glass Heart’ is a testimonial of all the changes Honey P has been going through since she last checked in with us. With the engineering duo Jayare and EsAyeV backing her, Honey gives us a vulnerable and honest project that acts almost like a window for the listener to take a peak inside the life of one of the city’s up and coming stars.

While ‘Glass Heart’ is undoubtedly her most polished project to date, it is definitely a step in a different direction for an artist who describes herself as somewhat closed off emotionally.

“As I’ve gotten older, I started to realize that I’m not really an emotional person, I can’t tell people how I feel, but I can write a song about how I’m feeling,” Honey P explains in a recent interview with Groundsounds. “My music has translated from this happy-go-lucky vibe to always being in my feelings.”

Honey P says she draws her inspiration from the people around her—pulling from those who are a part of her life and those who used be on the inside. Picking specific moments and experiences has helped Honey craft her unique soundscape and display a side of her very few have been able to see up until this point.

>> Listen to GLASS HEART here <<

Vulnerability, however, is what makes this project so relatable. Hearing the struggles and experiences of a young artist straight from the source allows the listener to connect with each song in a way that feels authentic.

Standout tracks ‘Problem Solver’ and ‘Normal’ featuring SB Rich Noonie highlight the new era of Honey P that has been ushered in for the culture.

​​As a culmination of months of hard work, ‘Glass Heart’ is surely a turning point in the young career of Honey P. Acting as a marker denoting a time when we caught a glimpse of who the real Honey is, this project no doubt left us wanting to see who the real Honey can be going forward.

>> Listen to GLASS HEART here <<

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