RE6EL is a Noncomformist, Challenging Music Industry Norms

Re6el may have the traits of a typical “bad boy” with a great sense of humor, but his freethought mentality has allowed his rap career to take off in the most revolutionary way. His latest project ‘Not Today Satan’ has received more attention from new listeners around the country.

Not Today Satan is about all the bullsh*t you deal with in your day, it’s turn up music too so somewhere in there you’ll feel like you’re overcoming something- it ain’t no gospel sh*t though.” Re6el jokes, “I don’t want people trying to worship the Lord with my music.”

>> Listen to ‘Not Today Satan’ <<


“For the music, my earlier influence was Bob Marley. For the brain, I really paid attention to Richard Nixon. I used to wonder about all the Presidents that weren’t on the money– they called him a crook and still put him in office– that’s why I liked him.” -Re6el

The “Be On” rapper started off by incorporating mixes of reggae sounds inspired by his Haitian culture and adding significant bass drops to give his music that Hip Hop feel. Re6el’s delivery is most compared to that of mainstream artist DaBaby with bouncy cadences over heavy bass dips and is guaranteed to make your head bop. Not to mention, his personality and excitement is incredibly infectious!

Re6el grew up a military kid so having to move around a lot also influenced his rhythm and flow. However, in his interview with Elle, Re6el admits that having a stricter household is one of the reasons he started rebelling.

>> Listen to ‘Not Today Satan’ <<

“6 is a number of completion, and it can be used to finesse the number 9. I started rebelling when I was younger, but it’s a lot though. Fighting depression and rebelling against any situation we got against us. More so, for my culture there’s a lot of animosity, family curses and stuff like that. Not to get all soft but there’s other stuff, a lot of girls and beating n—– up too!”


Re6el pours out positive energy from the moment he steps into a room, it’s inevitable that his music sounds like that too. From the beginning he incorporated things that he had always wanted to hear in his music. It takes a lot of determination and grit to make it in this music industry, especially for Midwest artists like himself. But one thing is for certain, he isn’t letting any rule get in his way of making it to the top.

What’s next?

  • Releasing “Jesus Sandals”
  • Currently strategizing a new campaign rollout for his upcoming project
  • New Album and Single dropping this fall!
Watch the full interview below…

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