YELLOPAIN, The Man With a Message: BTS of Finding Fame and Encouraging the Culture

One year ago, Yellopain rose to fame after the release of his music video “My Vote Don’t Count” went viral accumulating more than 2.3 million views on YouTube. His newfound niche for encouraging the culture to educate themselves on topics like the justice system made it impossible for businesses and news outlets to ignore him.

Now with a year under his belt, Yellopain came to talk to us about his experience coming to fame and teaches us a little something about persevering through his journey.

Strength, patience, will-power, and discipline. You can’t let a bad day deter you from completing your goals. To be great, you have to dare to be different and implement what you love.


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Photo cred: This Only Happens In Ohio

At 12 years old, his dad took him to the studio and actually wasn’t impressed but encouraged him to build his own studio. Because of his father, Yello Pain picked up skills that would allow him to embrace his creative nature- and eliminate expenses. He learned audio engineering, graphic design, and videography and utilized it to advance his own career.

Versatility is important, but so is knowing who you are. You can’t force versatility but if you have something else in you then explore it.


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Influenced by his older cousin, Yellopain realized he needed music to release emotions built up inside and so then started to rap. With a more conscious flow to his rhymes, the “Impossible Game” rapper sets out to encourage his listeners not to give up, and to have strength, patience, will-power, discipline, and God you can do anything.

I prayed so hard one night I started crying. I wanted to be successful that bad. The next morning I got a call saying they needed me to fill in on the news, and no rapper had ever been on the news from Dayton. That was the kickstart for progress in my career. I didn’t work for it, I prayed for it. You can’t tell me that wasn’t God.

Yello Pain

What To Watch Out For in 2021

  • New EP & Visuals OTW
  • New Merch Coming Out
  • Documentary Dropping Soon
  • Learning Course: Teaching artists what to do next to grow their fanbase.

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