Living Life Lavish: 7L Trell Opens Up About the 7L Meaning and His Music

Family. A word that Ohio’s 7L Trell places high value on. While the artist has only been rapping for around a year, he still hopes to bring everyone around him to the top.

In the latest PRESSD by Elle interview featuring the 7L member, Trell went down the line naming off different members of his entourage that ranged from his bodyguard to fellow artists. Trell gave each member their moment to be the star of the show, making it a point to define every person as a part of the 7L crew.

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The 7L lifestyle is something that Trell says anyone can be involved with as long as they honor the seven founding words that make up the collective.

“It’s no type of gang…anyone can be 7L if they live by the words that we’re about.”

Trell describes the 7L phrase as, “Live Life Lavish with Large Laughter, Love, and Loyalty.” Actually living by those words and truly pursuing his dream of music was one of the biggest obstacles that the “Exotic” rapper has faced in his life.

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“The biggest risk I ever took was putting everything down for music…I dropped out of school and stopped going to work, all so I could focus more on my music and really make something out of it.” -7L TRELL

Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Trell has relocated twice to pursue his musical dreams, first to Los Angeles then Las Vegas. Moving around forced Trell to become more independent and buckle down on his musical aspirations. Even with his ever-changing surroundings, the artist says he has always been comfortable in any environment that he finds himself in.

This ability to completely be himself in any environment has served Trell well in the industry, allowing him to keep everything organic while working on his craft. About his creative process, Trell says that he, along with the other 7L members, will let the song come to them, never forcing a verse or a collaboration.

Trell’s relaxed demeanor gives him the ability never to let any moment feel too big, or any person make him feel small. This calm and collected attitude even landed him a feature from The Game, a certified OG by all industry standards.

Coming soon…

While still relatively new to the game, Trell has big plans for himself and the rest of the 7L collective. The artist behind the Alone Is Comforting tape detailed that he has a few collaboration projects in the works with fellow 7L members Wolfpack and Mando. Additionally, Trell alluded to 7L vlogs releasing on YouTube as well as the possibility of a follow-up to his most recent tape: Black Mamba Lives, a nod to the late, great Kobe Bryant.

With so much planned and a supportive group driving him, fans should stay tuned for the next move from .

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