Shootem Up On Making It Out Of The Streets and Rising to Fame

Shootem Up has had an amazing start to his career. The “Time Up” rapper is leading the Midwest’s rap scene, pioneering his way to fame. With the release of his first song gaining over 300K views on YouTube, Shootem Up gained the support of many industry professionals including Chris Brown.

“When I dropped “Trappin Finessin” I knew I had to take the music serious after that. I was straight out of prison and the song was about being on the grind. When I dropped my next song, “Time Up” I was turnt, talking my sh*t like “I’m here now”… It’s about elevating though. You can’t stay the same forever. At first, I was just showing I could rap- rhyming and sh*t. Now, I try to get more content and talk about more with a message behind it that makes people really sit and listen. I try to separate my music from everybody else’s.”Shootem Up

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Life was never easy. Growing up in Columbus, Ohio presented Shootem Up with a lot of hardships; death and financial insecurities among them. This artist is the true definition of what it takes to use the resources you have to make a way for yourself out of any “bad” situation.

“Growing up was hard. Losing friends young, going to jail young, it became regular- and it shouldn’t have been but it did. There’s a lot of sh*t you see, a lot of sh*t you go through. When we came up you’d go to parties and they’d start problems. Some sh*t escalate to the next and you just never know which way it could go, you just got to be able to handle it.” -Shootem Up

“It shaped me, because I knew sh*t would get bigger than that. You got to level up and expand from it. When I started moving around I knew I had seen sh*t that a lot of people don’t see. I try to keep my music real authentic. My music is mostly for the streets but it’s something everybody can catch on to.” -Shootem Up

When he was little, Shootem Up spent his Saturday mornings at home watching music videos completely inspired by visual performances from Hot Boyz, Master P, and C Murda. His taste in sounds changed when the music by Future, Kodak, and Young Thug started dropping, becoming new inspirations for the Midwest rapper.

Currently living in Los Angeles, Shootem Up spends his days networking and preparing for what’s coming next.

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Coming Soon

  • August 6th ‘PREOCCUPIED DELUXE’ Drop date
  • Performing in Dayton at the end of August (details coming soon)

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