Behind the Music With Q.U.E. BENJI

As 2021 welcomes artists back to the stage, Q.U.E. Benji finds himself immersing into the music industry with two records to be out this year. The ‘Trapped In’ rapper is gearing up to drop his second album titled ‘1512’ on July 19!

“I grew up in the streets hustling. My next album is all about growing up in the type of environment I had and being able to beat the odds.”

Q.U.E. Benji


From a trailer park on the North side of Columbus, Q.U.E. Benji’s new album will showcase what it’s been like to use his experiences as leverage, not setbacks. This recording artist has a few artistic ventures such as tattooing and music that he’s been pursuing extra hard this year.

>> Listen to ‘1512’ on all platforms now <<

“My lifestyle growing up definitely pushes me now. You know, I had friends that had their dads buy them bikes and we wanted to have that kind of fun, but we had to go around stealing that. I let my life back then build me to where I need to be now, I use all of that to help me build a better life. Now I got toys and little go-karts for my kids.”

>> Listen to ‘1512’ on all platforms now <<

When times have gotten tough, Q.U.E. Benji relied on his talents to make a way. He’s become one of Columbus’ most popular tattoo artists and has a reputation of always being with his kids. Good dads need more praise!

Q.U.E. Benji is set on inspiring listeners to think consciously about life and its struggles. His aim to be better than his past emphasizes a need to be more revealing about obstacles he’s had to face in his music. With the upcoming album on the way, Q.U.E. he talks about in his latest single “Hard Times” featuring Jimmy HY about the moments he made unwise decisions to come up to sell his soul short.

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