ZAQ1st Debuts His First Mini-Movie With a Spring Pack EP Titled ‘NUGROWTH’


In four songs, ZAQ1st invites listeners on a journey and drops one of the hardest visual experiences to go with it. ‘NuGrowth’ shows moments of confusion, clarity, and hallucinations that have this Hip Hop artist waking up with new growth and fresh experiences. This EP gives a compelling view of coping through phases in career and relationships and is the first of 4 EP’s that will drop from ZAQ1st this year.

>> Listen to ‘NUGROWTH’ here <<

Filmed by Tour Studios

“A person with locs- or any person of color- understands the process of new growth in our hair. ‘NuGrowth’ is about the kind of leveling up that takes a while. I know we won’t always do great, and we will hit rough patches but it’s all about what we learn and how we win in the end,” ZAQ1st explained about his EP.


The 9-minute visual, written and directed by ZAQ1st and Reese White, features a few creators from Columbus, Ohio and teases the entire album leaving those watching interested in what happens next. In the video, ZAQ1st is yelled at by his girl and rolls up to relax by himself. We see his vision go blurry and he falls down only to wake up in the morning wondering what happened.

‘NuGrowth’ the Spring pack EP is a collaboration project for ZAQ1st alongside musicians from the Midwest. With rhymes that hold value and a conscious flow, the artist really aims to please fans of hip hop. The beats were majority produced by Dev Daily, Cotyco, and Fewtuck. The angelic soulful voice you hear on the single from the album “Eye Know” is singer/songwriter Dorica.

>> Listen to ‘NUGROWTH’ here <<

Growing up in Cleveland, Ohio, ZAQ1st says his mom made the best out of what they had. Not understanding what she was going through at the time allowed him to enjoy childhood but as he got older he became reckless and needed to chill out. His uncle, member of the popular rap group Bone Thugs and Harmony, and Kanye West were key influences on developing his passion for the pen.

“I don’t write what I don’t have. Nothing good comes out of me rushing to write something. The biggest difference in my process now is that I take my time- some of the best songs I’ve written have come from being in situations that cause me to reflect on who I am/was. What hindered my artistry then was that I wasn’t ready to read my diary to the world, and I think a lot of us artists feel that way for a while.” – ZAQ1st

Teaser Trailer Live On YouTube Today
Single off the ‘NuGrowth’ EP

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