“AVENIDA DEL SOL” by Danny Schiller is Out Now On All Platforms

Danny Schiller takes us on this bright path toward new experiences, taking opportunities as they come, and living our best lives in his newest single “Avenida Del Sol.” Since it released on May 7th, the song is now officially playing across the world and on every streaming platform.

Stream “Avenida Del Sol” Here <<

Visuals for “Avenida Del Sol” just dropped! Be one of the first to watch it below…

In his new song, “Avenida Del Sol,” Danny talks about the friends he went out to meet in LA, the change of scenery and new opportunities that surround him now.

Hay cañones fríos y calles estrechas
Con ojos claros aquí se puede crear
Esta vida no es mía aún
Y dentro de pocos días ya me voy

Danny Schiller is from Chicago, IL, spent his summers with his family in Spain, graduated from Brown University in Rhode Island, and now lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Danny Schiller’s international art is the soothing middle ground between different countries, cultures, and musical styles. By combining Latin Pop, RnB, Bossa Nova, and seamlessly switching between Spanish and English on occasion, Danny finds a way to communicate through music to diverse audiences.

Stream “Avenida Del Sol” Here <<

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