Nasty V and Von Graves Unplugged: Behind the Scenes of New Music Video “Mona Keisha”

For Immediate Release: Nasty V recently dropped an album that sparked the interest of many CEO’s and A&R’s from some of the country’s most popular labels called Norfland. Von Graves, the CEO of USIC Brands and recording artist, joins Nasty V in his latest music video “MONA KEISHA” on YouTube now.

In a PRESSD interview with Nasty V and Von Graves about their new visual, the pair talk about the development of their artistry and management, the success they’ve found since releasing their projects this year, and tease us with what’s next.


Never being ready to pursue his dream of becoming a hip-hop artist is a feeling Nasty V admits he’s felt far too long. What comes with finally chasing that dream is hope that one day soon he’ll be providing for his family by doing what he does best- making music. These two rappers are emerging in the Midwest but Von Graves has a different approach- a more entrepreneurial style of getting things done.

“It got to a point where my closest supporters, like my mom and friends were like “You have to drop this album V! When are you going to drop the album?” and I wasn’t ready. For sure, for sure I wasn’t ready but that made me focus on my music even more. Once it all came together it was like- shit, we here now!! What’s next!” -Nasty V

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This hip-hop artist’s final result was an album called Norfland that went crazy on streaming platforms. The album, since its release date has raked in thousands of streams and has been acknowledged by artists and labels including Fat Joe and Griselda Records. It wasn’t without the help of his management team USIC, and friend Von Graves that introduced him to the business side of the music industry.

“For an independent or undiscovered artist, I think it’s about resources. It’s about educating yourself on how to operate as a small business. Artists need to view their music as a product and service, they need to be creative about how they’re being viewed- whether it’s streaming but more than that- ads, business endorsements, and building on those kinds of relationships.” -Von Graves

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Nasty V and Von Graves thrive in their artistry in a way many recording rap artists don’t. They’re not an official duo, but working together forces a more creative storyline on V’s part and more grit and baritone from Von. Collaboration for these two encourages stepping out of their comfort zones and when finished, the song hits like you hear in “Mona Keisha.”

“V and I worked together on my album Heaven In Earthly Places where he plays my dark side, like the little devil on my shoulder. Whenever I’m on a track with V I’m always thinking how V would come in and no matter how uncomfortable it is for me I’m just trying to match his energy. He’s my alter ego on my album and in real life. Like in this video, I’m even counting money in the background and that’s not even me!” -Von Graves

Nasty V‘s reality was immersed in gang violence and drug deals at a young age and is accustomed to the lifestyle in a poor city neighborhood, more specifically Columbus, Ohio’s north side. Rap artists in particular, carry themselves with thick skin and show very little emotion. Many of them have an upbringing in poverty and come from broken homes, and have had to fight the justice system to protect their communities and families.

“We played ball together for a little while, Von’s dad coached us. After Columbus started red-lining school districts I played football for a little bit and realized that wasn’t making me no money. So I said “Shit, I might as well hit the streets.” and that’s what I did- it’s what I had to do. I watched Von grow up and go to school, I stayed up on what he doing and one day he came to me and was like “V, it’s time” and he put me on.” -Nasty V

photo by: Jacob Manken

USIC Brands is a company headquartered in Columbus, OH with a goal to create multimedia, recording, and technology studios across the globe and help undiscovered artists and creatives emerge and monetize their passions.

“When we first moved into the other spot, we had no furniture but V saw the vision and he was patient. A lot of artists want to be a part of something but don’t have the patience to wait it out. The relationship me and Nasty V have is like OutKast. My advice is to utilize what you have and find where you can add value to the people around you.” -Von Graves

Mona Keisha” was produced by Jay Mills, filmed and directed by Tour Studios inside the USIC Brand warehouse in Columbus. Cover photo by: Jacob Manken.

Nasty V: What’s Next?

With his rap career gaining momentum Nasty V fully encompasses his growth and phase in life right now and mentions lamaze breathing treatments also helped him develop his sound. He’s a dad, a family man and relies heavily on support from his mom. He’s loud and excited to start on his next project- the continuation of Heaven In Earthly Places, the series coming soon.

“Thank you for listening. I’m going to continue making great f***ing music. I already got a few ideas for “PB&J” which will be the next video and after that, “Norf Gate Park” ft. LV$.” -Nasty V

P.S. 1 Million streams = someone wins a PS5!!

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