“GUSHY” rising as Elijah Banks’ most popular song in its first week

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Elijah Banks has had quite the year. From the beginning of 2020 he’s been putting out some of the most timeless music releases. This week, Elijah Banks dropped “Gushy” a spin off of Pharrell’s 2003 original hit song “Frontin'”.

“Gushy” dropped on Nov. 5 and is shooting up to the top of his most popular list on streaming platforms. Elijah Banks is Columbus, Ohio’s most established Pop and R&B artist emerging organically with a solid following base and extreme support from the community and some of the city’s favorite local businesses.

Listen to “Gushy” on Apple Music here <<

“Gushy” official video coming soon.

Listen to “Gushy” on Spotify here <<

Give it to me, you never say you love me anymore, oh darling | You never say you love me anymore | I’m a hustler baby | I just want you to know- it ain’t where I been, it’s where I’m about to go | Give me that funk, that sweet, that nasty, gushy, gushy, gushy, gushy, gushy.

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This year, the independent artist from the Midwest has solidified his sound and established a team of creatives that are assisting him with making his visions for each release come to life.

“This year, I wanted to focus on being me and giving my audience exactly what they want. They like fun videos and cool content, that’s what I’m working on.”

Elijah Banks
Photo by: Andrew White | Model: Rosalina

Elijah Banks is known for his tendencies to bring sounds and cadences wherever you least expect them. He’s got a natural ability to hear melodies and rhythms in places most artists would never think to put them.

Over the last few months, we’ve seen Elijah grow both artistically and personally. His name as well as his face are becoming more “household” each day. At the beginning of 2020, Elijah was more focused on relating to his audience through visuals and building a solidified fanbase that would grow organically. His intentions were to entertain his fans by providing them with content that was fun but also showed bits of his personality so that we could get to know him better. It’s working!

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