THT BOI JONESY Signs New Sponsorship Deal with Trap Toolz

THT BOI JONESY recently took advantage of a newly acquired deal with a recently established clothing line, TRAPTOOLZ. The sponsorship comes as THT BOI JONESY‘s first official contract with any brand and is aiming to accelerate his music career.

Developing relationships across multiple industries is one of THT BOI JONESY‘s biggest goals this year. As an independent artist, getting a sponsorship with trusted businesses leads to endless opportunities to brand in different lanes and is extremely important.


What’s the deal?

“TRAP TOOLZ” ft. Tht Boi Jonesy, Youngstar Brazy, and more

Trap Toolz is an apparel line dedicated to changing the meaning to the term “trapping.” The deal exists to press both businesses in a new direction that awards them followers, listeners and shoppers.

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Owners of Trap Toolz

My COO Raheem Austin and I are all about highlighting the trap in a positive way. If you cut grass for money, that’s trapping- you’re out here hustling. Our intention with Trap Toolz is to change the perception of the word “trapping.” These guys are out here trapping for their music career and we want to be the tool that helps them progress.

Anthony Duwaun Fambro II, Co-Owner of Trap Toolz
YoungStar Brazy | THT BOI JONESY | Kevon Jones

Trap Toolz will release their next single “TRAP TOOLZ” featuring nearly all of their handpicked artists; Tht Boi Jonesy, Youngstar Brazy, Lady Brazy, and Kevon Jones later this season.

This is what I like to call the “in between” it’s not meant for everybody to understand- but I have to be focused on doing good business. I love making music but talking about how we are gonna make it bigger is more fun to me sometimes! This deal with Pilot [AKA Anthony] is dope because I’ve known him for a very long time. He’s sort of been a mentor to me and I trust that we’ll be able to accomplish what we set out to do.

Tht Boi Jonesy

Tht Boi Jonesy continues making music and is currently filming other projects but is extremely excited to be included in the next wave with Trap Toolz.

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As the next singe “TRAP TOOLZ” drops this fall, the team will be on a mission to spread their newest releases around the Midwest, booking interviews and making headlines. As of now, their newest talk on This Only Happens In Ohio airs soon.

Following the newest interview, the team will be guests on Columbus, Ohio’s HIP HOP radio station, Power 1075.

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