It’s here! Elijah Banks releases his latest music video “Somebody.” The song has been out since July and has more momentum built up than any previous project. Somebody is quickly surging as one of his most popular tracks on all major streaming platforms, out now!


Somebody” was directed by professional Photographer, Annie Noelker, alongside Videographer/Photographer, Chris Wise founder of WiseWords Management. All intention to make Elijah’s vision into to reality was set forth in creating one of the most iconic, on brand video productions for this artist.

In one scene, Elijah Banks is shown engaging with friends at a restaurant and orders a drink from a waiter played by himself. The visual showcases the artists development as he grows through the changes he’s undergone in his lifetime.

Making this song, I knew everyone wanted me to be the best version of what they thought I should be as an artist. I really had to take a look in the mirror and ask myself, “why did you start this?” and “why are you doing this?” I’m doing it because I’m passionate. I do it because I love the craft, I love working and collaborating with people. When I’m doing those things it really makes me feel like I’m “somebody.” When I wrote the song I knew it was going to be a “feel-good” record. It sounded good and it felt right to me. Honestly, I like to stand on what feels right.

Elijah Banks
Annie Noelker | Chris Wise

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Listen on APPLE MUSIC here

Elijah Banks shares what it took to create the song along with everything you need to know about the visual.

In a new tune, produced by Mantra, where slow guitar strums meet a remixed beat inspired by Ginuwine’s “Pony” from the early ’00s Elijah Banks fails to miss- again! “Somebody” is now available anywhere you stream music.

Listen on SPOTIFY here

He grew up listening to soulful feels of R&B and the gritty influence of Hip-Hop. His timeless sonic skills, deft arrangements, and songwriting abilities has encouraged outrageous growth and popularity in Ohio extending to Chicago, and Atlanta

Annie Noelker | Chris Wise

Watch the full video for Somebody here.

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