In his newest music video “OFF TALK” Rosco No E sits beside himself and goes bar for bar over his life story. The visual filmed by 30M Productions and Rudy Duran was shot in an open studio space in Cleveland, OH.

Rosco No E is confident, saying exactly what he feels in one of his best works yet! With a passion for educating fans about building wealth, and working toward your dreams, this indie rapper from the Midwest is establishing himself as “The Rap Financial Coach.”

directed by: @Rudegraphy

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Emerging from Cleveland as an artist with depth and the ability to provoke thought is a huge credit to hold and serves him well in the booth. “Off Talk” marks the artists second single of 2020 and is available on all platforms.

I’m on a mission, I grind for a reason | My intuition is to focus on eating | I want it all when I pull up to meetings | If you cannot double my sign then I’m leaving. | I took the E off my name ‘cuz I’m dope | I’m Major Payne when it comes to the flow.

ROSCO NO E x “Off Talk”

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Rosco No E comes with a sound resembling Andre3000 and a musical influence rooted in rap of the early 90s. As Rosco continues investing into his music career leveraging opportunities to expand are becoming easier to come by.

“Off Talk,” produced by @fconthebeat is Rosco No E’s first single off the upcoming album, Miles Till Infinity. The album is set to release this year and is expected to be his most powerful work. With lyrics like these in his first single off the album, we’re excited to hear the rest of this message!

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