Get To Know Emerging Spanish-American, Multi-Genre, Recording Artist, Danny Schiller

World music is welcoming Danny Schiller, the Spanish-American, multi-genre, recording artist and songwriter from Chicago, IL that surged on Spotify playlists around the world this year. In a world overtaken by reggaeton beats and Latin trap melodies, Danny’s ability to branch out to multiple genres and implement different chord progressions is paving an avenue for Latinx, Pop, and R&B music to flow symbiotically.

“Music is the one thing that connects people around the world regardless if you speak the language or not. People in Russia don’t know what I’m saying in Spanish but they’re in tune with the emotions I’m trying to exude.”

Danny Schiller

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Danny grew up speaking English, Spanish, and Catalan. Additionally, he spent a few months every year visiting family in Sant Cugat del Valles near Barcelona, Spain. At 21 years old, he’s emerging as a bilingual, cross-over artist with classic style and a deep appreciation for vulnerable music.

“From [the time I could speak] my sister and I would be in the back seat of the car and I’d listen to her sing and join in! I got to a point in college though, where I was tired of singing other peoples’ songs and I wanted to express myself through music. I’ve reached a point now where this is what I want. “

Danny Schiller

Being recruited to play soccer at an Ivy League school on the east coast was the first step on his musical path. It wasn’t until his junior year at Brown University did he decide to take a media class where he would create his first EP and release his first single, Lo in Between, on Spotify and Apple Music.

La canción tiene más de 50 mil oyentes viniendo de todo el mundo en menos de un año.

Let me translate.

This song gained over 50-thousand streams across the world in less than one year.

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At first, Danny started singing hooks on tracks for friends in the rap scene. Soon after, however, he realized he had the potential to connect with people emotionally through his own music. Although taking music theory and other music-related courses in college taught him about music, he isn’t relying on what he learned to create.

“I don’t want to be thinking about the math behind the music when I’m trying to emote something. I let it be more of an organic process so what I’ll usually do is download the guitar loops that Baird sends me and play them on repeat for hours. I start by singing melodies and finding the rhythm, and once I establish the mood I can start writing to it.”

Danny Schiller

Music is a therapeutic escape from reality, an outlet or a pour of emotions some find hard to find the words for. Danny is set on creating music with the intention to heal and connect with people. He has the capability to cross genres on universal themes like love, pain, failure, etc.., regardless of background or circumstance. 

“No cap, I haven’t struggled in ways that many artists have. I’m from the north side of Chicago and I have two parents that love me very much. However, we all face mental stresses and music, for me, brings clarity to those complicated aspects of my life that make me feel uneasy.” He laughs, “If you ever hear me sing and I sound like a sad boy, it’s because I am. The beautiful thing about music is that through me trying to find clarity in making music, another person will find clarity in listening to it.”

Danny Schiller

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His music transcends our idea of Latinx music because he allows himself the space in his music to be influenced by multiple genres and different types of musicians. This is why he’s done so well in his first year on streaming platforms.

“My musical influences are Daniel Caesar for sure, and melodically I like Ozuna a lot. I love how Rosalia has a quality of music that’s palatable and super fire, even though she mixes in her own flamenco style. The U.S. has always had the “melting pot” label, so I try to embody that by being more than a “Latin artist.”

Danny Schiller

Lately, Danny has been preparing for graduation with a degree in International Relations. As he gears up for the end of college, he’s expecting a wave of new opportunities with the release of various exciting new projects.

“Each song I release is going to expose a new aspect of myself that I think will excite the listener. You’ll hear some dance hall vibes, R&B, pop, Urbano banger influences and a little city grit with more 808s and high hats on the way!”

Danny Schiller

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