Jay Mills Debuts New Song, “MULAN”

In the studio

Jay Mills debuted his upcoming project with the release of his new song “Mulan” produced by DJ Lee, available now only on Soundcloud. Mills says his new drop is a preview of what’s to come this summer.

In an interview with his Publicist Jay Mills teases his upcoming releases, “My project, could come out now I’ve been working on it for over two years but it just needs to be perfect. I need to see the hype built around it and start the marketing. The goal this year is for people to get to know me as a recording artist.”

Listen to “Mulan” on Soundcloud here.


“Mulan” drops as quarantine keeps us all out of the public, but you can still catch Mills staying busy with music and media in the studio. The 21-year old recording artist is currently working on engineering albums and videos for nearly every independent artist in the city, including an album for Def Jam with Kvng Shad.

What to lookout for

Each week Mills will be releasing unofficial song versions on Soundcloud as a promise to keep fans entertained and engaged while he prepares for the official release of his EP.

Listen to “Mulan” on Soundcloud here

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