Papi K Releases New Latin Hit Single “Runner Up”

Papi K entices us with a new summer hit “Runner Up/ I’m Straight” infused with Latin beats and Spanish rhymes proving his ability to crossover and collaborate.

This song comes during the Coronavirus lock down making us all anxious for the world to open back up! Like all of us, Papi K is just as excited for warm weather, great music, cookouts and life by the pool.

During a studio session, with his producer DJ Lee, Papi K said, “Man, this song makes me more ready for Summertime! I can’t wait for this lock down shit to end, bro. I don’t even go out a lot but not being able to go out makes me wish I could.”

Listen and download to “Runner Up” by Papi K on platforms here.

Papi K’s latest project was an EP that released in February 2020 titled Winning Streak and has charted on different playlists across Apple and Spotify in the weeks since.

As spring rolled around Papi K had shows and releases back to back including the performance at Dream House Studios in Atlanta, GA in early Feb.

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All artists have experienced a sort of set back as the beginning of show and festival season has been cancelled. Papi K was set to perform in Cleveland and Chicago in March but was unable to.

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Upcoming Show

On the list of upcoming shows is RAGERS FEST hosted in Springfield, Ohio this June, 2020. Click the link for an event run down and tickets.

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