A$IA Unveils Emotional Side In New R&B Single ‘Misfit’ Available Now.

Ohio’s music scene is on the rise with non-traditional, undiscovered artists like A$IA, known for her hilarious personality, poppin Triller and Tik Tok game, aggressive stage presence and “spell that shit with a muthaf**kn dollar sign!” On Wednesday, though, A$IA released a single “Misfit” that is surprising her newer fans who didn’t know she could sing.

Dropping this song comes just days after A$IA’s performance in Columbus, Ohio where she was crowned one of the city’s hottest indie artists.

In an interview with her Publicist A$IA says, “This song really came from the heart. I’ve been through a lot and I felt like this was my way of telling that story. Singing is different from what some people might be used to or might have forgotten about me! But I’ve beeen spazzing on shit, other muthaf***as forgot. I been doing this!”

Listen to Misfit on Apple Music here

I’m a misfit.
Man, I’ve been through a rainstorm, had to make sum’ shake I had to brainstorm.
Nothin’ but another test and I was late for it.
Took a couple wrong turns and I paid for it.
Still in the race for it.
Had to get the wrist quick, had to learn to whip it like Bisquick.

Misfit lyrics by A$IA

Allowing herself to be open and vulnerable about struggles many of us are ashamed to admit creates an atmosphere for fans of A$IA to feel inspired and encouraged to be different, to experience the pain and get through it.

With visuals in planning and more underway, A$IA announces the release of more new music including a new single, “Can’t Go” coming to all platforms soon.

Listen to Misfit on Spotify here.

A$IA explained, “Misfit is about how I’ve always felt like I’m in my own lane, I don’t fit in and that’s okay, I’m not supposed to. I think people relate to that.”

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