Elijah Banks Releasing “4 AM” on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s day, Elijah Banks retells a love story captured in a rhythmic vibe that transcends current POP and R&B music. 4 AM will be available on all streaming platforms this Friday.

In an interview on The Awakened Soul Podcast Banks laughs as he explains, “I was talking to this girl one time- she was a bartender. You know, bartenders, they get off late. She kept hitting me up at 4 AM, I work a 9-5 and I’m like “Girl! You’re gonna have to call me a little bit earlier.””

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Listen to Elijah Banks’ new album SPIN on all streaming platforms.

The record, produced by Mantra, is powerful, soulful- a sound flash to times of slavery as Banks howls over the beat.

Elijah Banks shares, “Expect a lot of howling- I’m so serious. There’s a lot of weird sounds, but I always want to try different stuff. Just know, it’s going to sound like [times of] segregation, it’s the right month for it.”

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Pre-save 4 AM

You can pre-save 4 AM at this link and be the first to listen when it drops. Or, go to @elijahbanksmusic on IG and click the link in his bio.

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