Iyn Jay proves his niche for self-producing the sexiest sounds in his newest single, “Playlist” available now on all streaming platforms.

This single comes first in a line of waiting to be releases, that will stimulate your eardrums with seductive bedroom vibes.

Iyn Jay says, “I have a bunch of music I’m putting out before I release a self-produced “album” – and with the extra songs, people can make their own playlist.”

To listen on Apple Music click here


Iyn Jay does a lot of things, but is from the Midwest and has since graduated to Los Angeles, CA where he stays as an independent artist creating music for other musicians as well, including Wriss Parker and brother, Trevor Jackson.

His music and art tastes, as well as experience, are unique and make him an extreme asset to artists all over.

To listen on Spotify click here.


The “Lay Up Lines” singer released his last album in 2017 called “Love is Light and will be releasing a full self-produced album later this year.

Listen to IYN JAY’s most popular music on Spotify here

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