Elijah Banks To Release New Album “SPIN” This Week

Elijah Banks ft. Hodgie “No Words”

Elijah Banks will release his new album titled “SPIN” on all platforms this Wednesday, Jan. 8, 2020.

The 9-song album was created entirely inside his Downtown, Columbus apartment and can be considered a carousel of sounds, with rhythmic tunes, vibes and melodies that change throughout.

Banks explains, “I named the album “SPIN” because the situations [in each song] are right on the tail end of it all spinning out of control. I’m in a store and my credit card gets declined, and in “One Hundred” I’m in a relationship and she starts acting crazy, and that’s right before it spins out of control.”

The album has the ability to capture a wide spectrum audience because of the stories it tells and the beat used to tell them. It’s a great album to listen to on the drive home, hype enough to go to the gym, and relaxed to chill at home under blankets or near a fire.

Different from his other music, the songs on “SPIN” include more rap coming from the usual singer.

From the album “SPIN” filmed by @Will_Fairbanks

“Each song has a different vibe. One through 6 is guitar driven, with a lot of natural instruments. Then the “Interlude” you can hear it go into synthy, bassy music. And instead of singing pop tunes, I change the vibe a little bit and I’m rapping more,” Banks says.

A lot of Elijah Banks‘ plans going into 2020 include consistently expressing himself and having more of a personal presence on social media.

He explains, “I’m going to give them what they want this year, they like fun videos and they want to see more of me.”

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