Instagram personality, Reggie K. stood outside with BIZZOE, in a Columbus, Ohio neighborhood this week, asking questions about the rapper‘s upcoming projects, where he comes from and inspiration for his music.

Find the interview here on Reggie K. IGTV

“Early on, we on the block kickin’ it with friends, having fun, hitting off of tables, on the bus putting up lyrics. But then for me, it became expressive. I was into some stuff, it was a way for me to get away from those things and still express myself,” BIZZOE says.


In the interview BIZZOE, aka Kwan Bailey, talks about growing up in Columbus, making beats with his friends on school tables and on the back of bus seats. He also speaks about obtaining his college degrees in criminology and human relations and how thankful he is to be inspired by music.

Rapper, BIZZOE

Along with adding people to his team to assist with marketing and press, BIZZOE tells us to expect two videos soon, along with some of his best sounds and new music coming in 2020.

“Retro Bizzy, Metro Bizzy came out this year, we got about 12 albums out right now and about two more that y’all haven’t heard yet,” BIZZOE said.

The full interview can be found here on YouTube.

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