Two Ohio entrepreneurs are giving away 300 pairs of shoes this weekend at #DropTheLaces event

On Aug. 23, Courtney Ivy CFO, and Edward Griffith, CEO of Drop The Laces, have partnered with Rule of NEXT in Cleveland, Ohio to make an impact in their community by donating 300 pairs of sneakers.

The men have created a platform that will share access to the world’s largest sneaker closet in the palm of your hand and will ease the frustration of waiting in lines to buy your sneakers.

“Find the shoe, buy the shoe, and pick it up anytime.” <– click here


The “shoe game” is a little different for these two, they’ve put a real twist on the term “sneaker-heads”.

The pair are University of Toledo alumni and have been partnering together on their business venture for about two years. 

Sneaker heads
Click to watch Video (2018)

Though there are many accomplishments to celebrate, Eddie and Court have also had to do some revamping of their own. Many will only see the outcome but never understand the struggles along the way.

“We called it Sneek Peek at first and we changed that,” Ivy, 28, says.

Their partners at NEXT are a Cleveland based marketplace created as a unique, top of the line buying experience for those with demands for elevated streetwear.

Ivy mentions, “[Drop the Laces] is basically an Uber for sneakers.”

The app will be a free resource to check inventory for the styles you need and purchase from stores near you. Ivy and Griffith are anticipating their relaunch for this Halloween and in the meantime offering their platform to help those in need.

Griffith, 28 states, “Our goal for the weekend is to just give back to the community, to men and women in need. Our partnership with RuleOfNext has allowed us to collect over 300 shoes.”

Drop the Laces

The event will be hosted in downtown, Cleveland this Friday with music and words by the men of Drop The Laces. Come and support or share the event information with someone you know who needs it.

“I speak from passion. Business is more than money, it’s about really being able to influence people less fortunate than me. Whether that’s creating a business, or simply giving to families in need,” Ivy said on Instagram.

YWCA in downtown
4019 Prospect Ave. Cleveland, OH 44103

Friday, Aug. 23, 2019 | 2 – 6 P.M.

Want to donate your sneakers?

All NEXT store locations in Cleveland are accepting sneaker donations until Friday.

26300 Cedar Rd. Cleveland, OH 44122
5221 Northfield Rd. Bedford Heights, OH 44146
1812 Coventry Rd. Cleveland Heights, OH 44118
837 W Market St. Akron, OH 44303


Q and A with Court and Eddie

What’s been the hardest part about developing your own app?

“We have gone through plenty of developers to get to this point, that’s been the hardest part. My partner and I aren’t engineers or developers. It hasn’t been easy or cheap at all, everything really has to be a process.” -Court

What advice would you give to anyone who has an idea that’s as innovative as yours?

“Don’t listen to anybody or anything that is not contributing to your creativity, because they can’t see your innovation or creativity. Don’t allow them to influence what you see in [your] future. They will catch on later. Remain genuine.” -Court

“Just run with it. Don’t let anybody change your mind.” -Eddie





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