CMGO Reporter Portfolio

The team at Cox Media Group Ohio did a wonderful job introducing me into the world of journalism.

In my internship I developed content and hosted social stream live chats relevant to the Dayton community serving entertainment and lifestyle beats.

-Thanks, CMGO and Team


LIVE @ Flanagan's Pub - St. Patrick's Day
LIVE at Flanagan’s Pub in Dayton, OH celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.



internship burger king
Burger King getting ‘Happy’ in the new Adult Meal


internship ref
Ref caught bringing ‘guns’ to last night’s Alabama vs. Clemson game.


internship tract mcelfresh
Local sew-master opens a new store: what she hopes for the future


internship dave chappell netflix
Local Celebrity gets Netflix deal


internship new years
Escape to a night out on the town #HappyNewYear


More in other portfolio sections.

Dayton Business Web

“Ohio: the new Hollywood of the Midwest”

Latinas striving for greater


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